amazing [hectic] week

21 Mar

5d mark ii feature film
5d mark ii feature film
5d mark ii feature film
5d mark ii feature film
5d mark ii feature film

From Monday through Friday I assisted my father, alongside with Carly (the beautiful actress in the production stills) with a children’s (keiki) art camp in Volcano here on the Big Isle. Children are so much fun. They can energize me and take everything out of me..
When we could all three of us would go on location for a few moments of shooting. I managed to get some really excellent scenes that I’m incredibly happy with.
The week concluded with a short film presented to all the parents and children. Carly and I shot and edited the piece together- it was really enjoyable to watch it on a massive screen with everyone. Especially when Carly and I edited it roughly an hour before showing it!

Thought after such a crazy week of children energy and filming that I’d have a peaceful weekend. Turned out to be the largest wedding shoot of my life. My mother, father, Carly and myself shot a massive wedding at Mauna Lani- with a tv crew (episode to be aired in the summer) for an upcoming show. Super long day with amazing food at the end. Still have left overs in the fridge 🙂
Teaser should be up soon- currently compressing all 4 camera files..
Today to treat myself finally to some peace- I synced all the current footage for Subjective Expressions. Took some time- but definitely worth it. The film looks so fantastic. A long journey still ahead, but I’m blessed to have whats been coming so far.
I’d like to send out a special thanks to my friend, Yvette, who has been very awesome and loving this past week ❤
Special video about our time at the Volcano Art Camp:


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