1 month of shooting

2 Apr

It has been roughly a good month since I started real production on this feature film. Here are some general reflections:
I’m very unorganized and unclear about the film. BUT- compared to months/years before- I’m certainly learning something new each time though
To this day I’ve edited a good rough 25-30 minute version of the actual film. Which is quite impressive to me as..this..is…it!
Before shooting I never had much confidence in the film- which is not good. Especially the first official shoot- I lost my head and sense of anything.. Now that I’m looking at the footage its quite apparent what doesn’t work and what really does. There is stuff I have no clue why its so good.. Well I suppose it really comes down to the actors I have- they’ve done a phenomenal job of not only dealing with my spontaneity- but they’ve given their own unique expressions to their characters and the story.
A major lesson I’m dealing with is being prepared. I’m never prepared- in fact I have barely any films that are prepared in any sense.. Perhaps some sketches- but everything is very much jumped to with no care. I love that
But when you have actors waiting for your decisions- and limited time- things are different. I can truly feel that now

So! Every day I’ve been progressing towards our upcoming shoots- doing location scouting (like today!)- more costume tests (on myself!) and cinematography tests. Based on the footage I have- the script already is being rewritten. Nothing unheard of- but I’m curious to see how the final story will be- and if it feels organic- that it was meant to unfold in that way..

A time to count my blessings- in this time of stress I get from canceling shoots or dealing with not knowing what to do- I lose sight of what I should be grateful for. First is that quite simply I’m working with such dear friends. It means so much to be with patient, kind people who actually give a crap about what I’m doing. So much so that they take time to help beyond the shoot.. THAT I have to try to always remember. Another is that we are shooting on the 5D Mark II.. CMON! Thats insane for me! I had a picture from a magazine of the 5D in my pocket that I carried in Europe. I dreamed of this camera… Now I have access to it and don’t always acknowledge that…
So far we’ve fundraised $100 on our new Indiegogo page (http://www.indiegogo.com/subjective-expressions)
WOW- what a gift- I’m really unsure what to think. Money is hard to give and hard to ask for.. I try to support my friends in need- not surprised if I’m asking too much. Certainly gotta have a crazy dream.. People are so kind… Money isn’t everything- but if used properly it can help you do what you strive to do
More shoots to come- unsure if this film will be fully shot.. A lot of conflicts- but that is film for ya

Currently editing weddings- which to me is film school. I’ll write another post about the importance of being a wedding videographer/photographer/editor. Truly is all you need to get started

Exciting shoots in the forests soon and hopefully wrapping up some final scenes in Hilo- then off to the mountains and volcano to explore a world of the imagination!


2 Responses to “1 month of shooting”

  1. Tschinka 04/02/2011 at 8:40 PM #

    Blessings to everyone making this possible! Couldnt be happier for you Dom! Sketches upcoming =D

    • Grota 04/02/2011 at 10:09 PM #

      thank YOU! You helped get the ball rollin’ with the first scene! It still is such a fun, fantastic scene. Mahalo!

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