the whispering silence

11 Apr

5d mark ii feature film dslr big island hawaii mountain view volcano

what a dream
Past week has been incredible. I’ve been blessed with the presence of Carly yet again to try and wrap our shoot. I realize my last post was a bit inaccurate. It hasn’t been a month since I started shooting. In fact the first scene I shot for the film was Feb 20th- but it was for a scene in the middle of the film. I officially started the main film March 2nd. Only note is that its almost been 2 months.. Wow..
So we shot on the 6th through the 9th. On the 6th we risked shooting a bit in the rain- and ended up sick. the 7th ended up as no shooting until the evening. Next day was also quite delayed until the evening. We managed to ride up to the volcano landscape to get the first few minutes of the whole film. INCREDIBLE shoot- totally brought back my life (previously being a droopy-tired-sick…person). I felt so good in the cold- my head cleared- it was like rebirth. The next day was an additional shoot- with one reshoot of a scene.
Managed to sync a lot of scenes today. Interesting to now have a project with so much footage.. Never have dealt with so much!! I love it
Now the final shoot is coming. I have until roughly May 15th or so with Carly. Need to reschedule-rewrite and figure out the most important bits. I may have a June shoot for some vital scenes that a lot of people are expecting apparently..
This week looks awesome- I’ll be hooking up with: Medicine for the People for a mini-documentary/live music video
More about that eventually

5d mark ii feature film dslr big island hawaii
Future projects will definitely be short films with stronger knowledge of the story. This feature film is quite open to constant change. And not in a bad way- at all. I’ve been rewriting because- quite simply I can. Its organic- fresh and like nature; wild. Basically I’ve planted seeds and now the flowers are blooming in so many new ways that I didn’t expect. Even flowers I didn’t think existed are popping up

Just a few more days of shooting- but thats a lot to ask for now. I will have to wait till I can shoot more. Struggling with the idea of playing more characters in the film- may end up playing a role due to lack of committed participants
more about that-if it ends up being so

Latest short film:

Story behind the visuals: People volunteering their time to save a bird, essentially. To plant trees for a native bird in danger. Love it. Hopefully can pursue a more in-depth film.

love to my dear friends who support and inspire me
check out an article about the film


One Response to “the whispering silence”

  1. Tschinka 04/12/2011 at 12:27 AM #

    Pu’u Mali is such a peaceful and touching piece of work. Wow. And Carly is always a star. Thank you for sharing!

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