visual process

13 Apr

Working on our latest wedding edit now- but decided as a break to bring back my sanity I’d scan some old sketches and compare them to the final image for my own curiosity. Thought this might be something of interest to some of you.. I’ve been complimented before for nice visuals.. So for that note I’ll show you how sloppy and relaxed I’ am when it comes to pre-production. Real sense of freedom and knowing what I want. Who cares if the sound guy doesn’t get it? Well.. Actually that’d be cool if he did. I’d love his opinion. If only I had a sound guy…. anyway. Nice clean sketches can help you get your idea/visuals communicated effectively. However that can be perhaps when you are working with multiple people who NEED to get everything inside their brain to help you as the director get what you want.

For my sake- I’m my own DP, camera operator and director. And in recent cases, one of the lead actors (wearing the mask in most of the shots)
SO! It was vital I pre-visualized the shots EXACTLY how I envisioned. Or at least to the point I know what the hell I’m doing. Very open in fact- the best shots are the ones suggested by my actors. I truly love when everyone can be part of the film. I blame all my most beautiful shots on Carly. She always interjects “why don’t you try it over their with…”
Something I thought would be interesting to hear for filmmakers out their complaining about not having a DP or camera operator.. When I’m in a scene- I AM the camera operator.. I set up the shots- rehearse- get everything lit and so on.. Then roll the camera- jump into the scene and record it. Jump off the set and stop recording. Its worked wonders. Who needs a DP? No way can there be excuses that I don’t have a director/DP/sound guy. Screw it. We mount our sound recorder on a tripod (or hidden behind a chair). It’d be great to have a Boom operator, camera guy, and much more. But whats the point of having them if we have no clue what the hell I’m doing? This feature film experience is to learn what works and doesn’t. Its to learn the IMPORTANCE of each role. How much we depend on everyone.. Do we really need 5 make-up artists? Gah.. Adrien Brody needs more water sprayed on his left cheek to. Just trying to encourage is the idea of trying, trying, trying. There are a million excuses not to do anything. Lack of proper resources, blah blah blah. Use an iphone, cell phone, camcorder or anything to make films. Screw super X HD 10,000,000,000 pixels WOW. Fuck it- how often do you walk out of the theater feeling cheated? Sure those transformers sure looked cool glimmering in the sunset with a heavy metal song you’ve heard on the radio all year long..…what? My story needs a major rewrite- I won’t be surprised if anyone walks out feeling cheated either. But we’re not spending $100 million to make this film.. Just a couple of kids running around experimenting with ideas. Almost already feel like just finishing this film so I can move onto my next project. Already getting the itch to take the next step. Which truly is just to get a real proper story going. Subjective Expressions for me is a lot of fun and great learning experience- but certainly needs more work with the ideas. Any advice- screw the camera- anyone can work it. Learn to write- write write write write. Collab? Lets go-

this image I’m putting up is to show the process. See what its like to visual something in your mind- and then shoot it. I usually sketch the scene out several times- then when I shoot sometimes I barely even look at my sketches/notes. I base everything off of my memory and surroundings. Truth is- for a lot of films its hard to truly visualize everything. Only motions/characters/ideas. Which are the most important elements any who. I love going into a new environment and falling in love with its looks- adapting to it. Rather than sticking to some stupid idea of being concise. Fuck it- its all about being spontaneous and open

If anyone is interested I have much more I can show- perhaps even a video which shows the final footage. But for now I must return to editing the wedding and getting ready for an awesome music tour!
dream is coming alive-

Don’t wait for opportunities to come looking for you (most of the time they won’t..)



One Response to “visual process”

  1. // Cirque Enlightenment // 10/06/2011 at 10:01 AM #

    very cool. I like seeing your drawing imagery juxtaposed alongside your visuals. and // nice note, your spontaneity on set as well. sometimes the best shots can be the surprising ones. // keep on brother.

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