Medicinal truth

18 Apr

Another small shoot
beautiful scene in the middle of the film. The art of the life mask:

This past weekend was a spiraling journey into the beautiful world of “Medicine for the People”. Shot their live show in volcano- stayed in their farm in Hamakua and shot another show in Kalapana. Managed to get some excellent footage of their land- some small clips for music videos and hopefully usable interviews. Out of the footage I got- here is a quick teaser I edited TODAY- shot all just a few days ago. Quick- hopefully watchable? I’d love to make a feature film documentary about them- but they are leaving back to Oregon next week! So.. yes.. I’ll be filming their last show at the EHCC on thursday ( the 21st). Additionally to them being shot for THEIR film- The footage will also be scenes for Subjective Expressions!! Really exciting- hope it works out 🙂
When I have free time I work in the garden- clean up or edit personal films. When I work its mostly on this wedding biz.. My friends must hate me- I don’t respond properly to emails.
This was one of the most amazing times I’ve had with creative people doing beautiful work they are passionate about. I couldn’t be more moved by their lives.. Especially what they shared with me. Thank you, brother Nahko!
enjoy this teaser about my time spent with Medicine for the people:

Medicine for the people live 2011 big island hawaii volcano videographer music video photographer live show traveling
More coming

Much Love ❤


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