hardly just

1 May

the shooting is almost complete- I’ve got some last important scenes that truly tie loose ends together

I’m enjoying this process so much- the editing is getting confusing as I’m having many technical problems of the files swapping with each other. Is annoying when you see the image and hear audio from a completely different scene
But its part of the process as well
My time with the Medicine for the People was short- but the footage I have captured will last me quite some time. I ran into some of the people I know from the shows and interviewed them on the spot (at a guitar store and on the street)
how often are the people you want to see just sitting there? One guy had a bus to catch (2+ hour ride) soon so the interview was essential (I also didn’t think I’d see him again..)
So yes- more music videos to come- Almost done with the only planned out video. Check out the sneak peak:

Next step is to get the Subjective Expressions teaser up- which should be quite soon- I’m experimenting with colors now- and the editing could use some decent time
While trying to do my own passionate work – wedding editing consumes me mostly- almost done I can happily say! The final video is fantastic- probably the best wedding we’ve ever done. With 4 camera man we couldn’t go quite wrong.

there is no division in nature
such a silly human concept
out IS in and in IS out

expect nothing


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