12 May

Almost done shooting- just a few more scenes and my focus will be purely on editing.
My fear was that the film would be less than 60 minutes- turns out it could be well over 70 or 80- it depends on certain factors.. Concerned if the audience can have such patience for it?!

Possible plans to go to LA to make films with my brother- I’ll be enrolling for school in the fall- hopefully will have my editing down at that point so I’m not dealing with such possible stress

At this point- whether or not the film ever is seen- all I can say is how grateful and blessed I’am for this experience. Looking back upon the footage I see so many fun shoots (for me…) way back in february.. Just random moments of time when we’d all pretend in some silly idea for a few minutes- record it and organize it in such a way that people think something is actually going on..
I’ve even gotten requests for a copy of the film recently.. Unsure really what to think of it. Quite happy that someone is interested in seeing more than what I’ve shared.. The film- as all filmmakers realize and know- is never quite what you set it out to be. Not a bad thing- or really good.. But certainly opens your mind for future projects. My next film idea is really more clear to me compared to the foggy viewpoint I had on Sub-Express..
If possible my aim is to play the film in at various venues with hopes of getting more people interested- but how is that gonna happen? No clue

Latest film shoots:

Recently got to complete a music video:


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