seeing isn’t always believing

11 Jul

watched the first cut of “Subjective Expressions” twice
sent a few copies around the world to hopefully trustworthy-honest people. Time will tell
As everything does- the film has flaws. We can keep counting them but sometimes its alright to accept them. Even all
For now- the story is what matters to me- as technical problems (whole lotta them!)
are an easy fix
but can the experience be fixed? Perhaps.
Its been almost a month since I left Hawaii to LA. Shooting random short films with my brother when we can. Some highlights: Disneyland, meeting up again with one of my heroes Nimrod Antal! What a gentleman.. Also being around Leo Dicaprio & Lukas Haas, working with Kevin Mcturk’s on his short film (funded by Jim henson foundation), eating vegan food, walking through parks! Hot hot hot here- but quite enjoyable.
Although I see my dear actress all the time in my film- I miss her dearly in person. This film would truly not be possible without the support of Caroline Antilla. I gave up many times- and even threw out ideas because of various reasons. Yet Carly kept kicking me and complaining that its her time she is giving- and if I’m not doing my best then I’m wasting her time.. Its true. I can see the result of my sloppy filmmaking in the movie.. Its 73 minutes long at the moment
and truly needs some fixin’
but its fun- I mean for being shot for something around $50 its pretty decent I’d say.. Perhaps to clearly explain it- its more of an experience than a narrative film. You may get some sense of emotional storyline going on- but I have no credit on that part. It comes whether you do it or not..
Looking for possible opportunities to share this film- may be scouting some local parks in hopes of projecting it at night for free
we’ll see
for now- its all an incredible learning experience and very fun
Hawaii in 3 weeks- and hopefully drastic life changes. For working as an editor for years- I’m getting depressed easily from the lack of social life and stress computers often cause me
for now- I enjoy LA
thanks Elph


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