aloha ke akua

22 Jul

Writing 3 scripts now- super excited! They just need some more time to ripen- but they are a huge step up from what I’ve been doing. Interested in participating? Always up for collaboration!

latest project
part of the new documentary I’m working on about Medicine For the People. They are so awesome! Keep an eye out for them- they are gonna be BIG!
8 more days till I return to Hawaii. For now we are doing all last film projects we can

worked on Kevin Mcturk’s short film “The Narrative of Victor Karloch”(founded by Jim Henson foundation)
Met up with Nimrod Antal again, at venice beach for some puppet film ideas. Gotta get stuff rollin’!

the first public collaboration with my brother, Piotr is online!- check out:

For now getting some good reactions to Subjective Expressions. Not so happy with it myself- but its great to hear positive responses
Hoping when I return to Hawaii and start at the UH to build connections for film/acting/dance/anything related to creative expression
New videos coming every week


We’ll see!



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