16 Oct

right now I’m enjoying the many splendors of the Hawaii International Film Festival on Oahu. Meeting many filmmakers, some heroes (such as Michael Giacchino who I shared a car with) and enthusiastic film lovers. Its been great! My film now approaches its premiere in 4 days
All I can do is reflect on how I got here
why am I here? I don’t know
but how I got here I do know

Back in 2010 I spent 7 months in Europe writing the script to the film
I uploaded this video to show my film style and hope to fundraise some money with it:

Managed to get some funds- and returned to Hawaii in November- 2010
With the newly found courage and support I had from my online network- I decided to try and raise even more money for the film. Why not make a conceptual trailer to show what the film may look like? The previous video merely was a montage of my previous films- so I spent 2 months shooting tests for the film that resulted into this trailer:

it was truly a fun experience making the tests- but as I finished the final script it became clear to me that some of the focus in the trailer would actually be cut from the final story (such as the wild man performance- my favorite bit)

I spent the following 5 months shooting the actual film- Although it was a span of 5 months- it was about 10 days total- but stretched over that time due to scheduling limitations.
The result was a trailer of the ACTUAL film footage:

Happy to say that the whole film process has been a huge success. I walk with the same equipment and backpack I did a year ago when I was in the writing process- now I carry the film in a tiny hard drive. This whole journey now existing digitally in this small box.. Only to be relived soon in an actual movie theater (where I saw Tron last year πŸ˜› )
what a dream?

Another story to share- for whoever may read.. In 2009 I made a short film for an online contest judged by my hero, Terry Gilliam. He gave me 2nd place- and sent a personal drawing and small note. It said “Keep making films, you’re good”. It meant a lot to me- and pushed me to pursue my dreams. Gilliam played his film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, HERE at the Hawaii International Film Festival!
Not only did Gilliam influence my film- but his film played a major part in it. So if anything- I’m grateful to observe my result of inspiration from his work in the same movie theater. Thanks Mr. Gilliam πŸ™‚

still lots of movie to watch- must promote the film like crazy now
Love to you all



2 Responses to “time”

  1. kozmomimzi 10/16/2011 at 4:59 PM #

    yes, the on-going magic of process…thank you for the pure joy of your articulate, healing and spiritual journey… stay alert and …occupy yourself. occupy your art of life…mahalo lmw

  2. // Cirque Enlightenment // 10/16/2011 at 9:24 PM #

    what a process, that was meant to be discovered through your inspirations, doubts, efforts, but most importantly through your follow-thru.

    you’ve come a long way domino.
    what a dream, but it’s better — because it’s reality.

    Mr. Gilliam’s note made me cry, because it show’s the vibrancy of your passions, and how far you’ve come
    — to simply continue.
    that is what rings true.

    –so continue, because you are good at it. πŸ™‚

    we support you, and remain in awe.

    all our love,
    smiles from paris,

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