24 Dec

I easily lose perspective- especially if I dont get enough sleep

Haven’t updated the blog in a while- keep telling myself its for good reason- but this goes on- whats the good reason? Once I had my premiere for Subjective Expressions in Honolulu- then Hilo- I completely disconnected myself from the film.. I’ve worked non-stop on it for over a year.. Conceptualized it in June 2010- and started filming February 2011. Finally showing it to an audience in October was the closure for me. Many requested to have a DVD- no one has received anything.. Have not emailed a single person about it or anything to do with the film..

Its been quite difficult- Its so funny how this is the film I get an opportunity to share.. At times I wish it could be my next projects I’m excited for, because I’m not so happy with the project- however.. I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t gotten this chance- so never mind. 

Struggle- a constant struggle to catch up. Always editing projects- stuff from months ago- or a few days ago.. Sometimes I just want to scream and go live in the wilderness.. Like I said- I lose perspective easily. Many stories to share- I’m slowly coming back to my old reality. For now here are some videos I never put up which I made in the past few months:





Last moments of the festival- with the awesome Luke Griswold-Tergis (director of “smokin fish”!)


I’ll see you all soon ❤



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