27 Aug

2nd cut almost done
big big news coming soon
losing myself
trying to stay on track
big load-
how to pace oneself?
A journey alone
or with many
I love you all


um…the..uh…2nd TEASER!

25 Jul

hope you enjoy…

latest creation

22 Jul

New video with starring my bro
check it out!

aloha ke akua

22 Jul

Writing 3 scripts now- super excited! They just need some more time to ripen- but they are a huge step up from what I’ve been doing. Interested in participating? Always up for collaboration!

latest project
part of the new documentary I’m working on about Medicine For the People. They are so awesome! Keep an eye out for them- they are gonna be BIG!
8 more days till I return to Hawaii. For now we are doing all last film projects we can

worked on Kevin Mcturk’s short film “The Narrative of Victor Karloch”(founded by Jim Henson foundation)
Met up with Nimrod Antal again, at venice beach for some puppet film ideas. Gotta get stuff rollin’!

the first public collaboration with my brother, Piotr is online!- check out:

For now getting some good reactions to Subjective Expressions. Not so happy with it myself- but its great to hear positive responses
Hoping when I return to Hawaii and start at the UH to build connections for film/acting/dance/anything related to creative expression
New videos coming every week


We’ll see!


seeing isn’t always believing

11 Jul

watched the first cut of “Subjective Expressions” twice
sent a few copies around the world to hopefully trustworthy-honest people. Time will tell
As everything does- the film has flaws. We can keep counting them but sometimes its alright to accept them. Even all
For now- the story is what matters to me- as technical problems (whole lotta them!)
are an easy fix
but can the experience be fixed? Perhaps.
Its been almost a month since I left Hawaii to LA. Shooting random short films with my brother when we can. Some highlights: Disneyland, meeting up again with one of my heroes Nimrod Antal! What a gentleman.. Also being around Leo Dicaprio & Lukas Haas, working with Kevin Mcturk’s on his short film (funded by Jim henson foundation), eating vegan food, walking through parks! Hot hot hot here- but quite enjoyable.
Although I see my dear actress all the time in my film- I miss her dearly in person. This film would truly not be possible without the support of Caroline Antilla. I gave up many times- and even threw out ideas because of various reasons. Yet Carly kept kicking me and complaining that its her time she is giving- and if I’m not doing my best then I’m wasting her time.. Its true. I can see the result of my sloppy filmmaking in the movie.. Its 73 minutes long at the moment
and truly needs some fixin’
but its fun- I mean for being shot for something around $50 its pretty decent I’d say.. Perhaps to clearly explain it- its more of an experience than a narrative film. You may get some sense of emotional storyline going on- but I have no credit on that part. It comes whether you do it or not..
Looking for possible opportunities to share this film- may be scouting some local parks in hopes of projecting it at night for free
we’ll see
for now- its all an incredible learning experience and very fun
Hawaii in 3 weeks- and hopefully drastic life changes. For working as an editor for years- I’m getting depressed easily from the lack of social life and stress computers often cause me
for now- I enjoy LA
thanks Elph

ever lived in a trailer, eh?

20 Jun

Film is in progress

LA is decently hot- not quite different except dry.. Shot a film with my brother, Piotr (
should be up soon. Its awesome to be with my brother after 2 years of online/phone communication
Editing various films- writing new bits.
Its so much more fun to edit anything but weddings

❤ ahahehebombibu

enjoying a vegan diet- Damn best pizza I ever had last night- all vegetable based! No animal died for my meal

to say it at most…

9 Jun

this is the first shot of production- wow- what a long way we’ve come..
thanks Tschink!

I’ve done it- watched the 1st hour of Sub-Express straight. There was an extra 30 minutes but I had to stop. Couldn’t handle it. Something was just.. strange. Off place- I felt so disconnected. Most of my day is full of editing many film projects so its hard to really sit down and watch something without thinking about it technically. However this was quite different. I took a 2 hour walk and re-edited the film in my head.. Then returned home and edited the actual footage.
I feel so much better. The film has been rearranged drastically.
For the better I hope..
still has a long way to go- but a great learning process. Unsure if anyone will actually want to see this film- and if they do- well.. I won’t get my hopes up yet
leaving to LA in a week to be with my brother- Dunno where I’ll be going most of the time. Anyone have a place I can sleep? I don’t have a bed myself- just sleep on the floor..

Writing two new projects right now- basically taking everything I didn’t have in this film- or everything I wished I did- or everything I hated and mixing it.. Coming out with much more interesting material- I think.
Shooting this feature film was invaluable.. But I fear the actual film is..uh…. yes…. I’ll hold further comments.

some behind the scenes footage from our music video shoot: